1/10 Americans think like George Bush. 4/10 Americans think like John Kerry. the rest think a radical is best for president. don't you?
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June 16, 2004 by a radical
Yes it's coming. The next installment of the GTA series: San Andreas is coming on October 2004! Now it's been two years since the last one, Vice City, and fans, including me, have been waiting patiently for this day. Is this a lie you ask. No. You can check Link the link
for urself. It has only three screenshots, but's proof that Rockstar is gonna release this game soon. Amid all the rumors and speculations, the messiah game has come!

Now San Andreas, from looking at it, as well as reading s...
June 16, 2004 by a radical
Look, before you say anything, I want to clear up some things.

1. I'm not liberal. I'm not conservative. So don't bring that trash here. Comprehende?
2. I'm anti-Bush. I'm anti-Kerry, i'm neither democrat or republican, both parties suck.
3. I am a radical, so I am irrational and prone to hurt feelings.
4. I'm not emotional, but I always contradict myself.
5. Please bear my commentary.

Okay, it's June 2004. Five months till Election Day, couple days before "Handover", and four months o...
June 16, 2004 by a radical
Welcome to a radical's joeuser site. There's over ten thousand of us in the world, and we all can be found in your neighborhood Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, government rally (it doesnt really matter what cause), and a "burning of books" rally which is for the purpose of irony. If you feel you don't like, my articles, my posts, my etc., I don't really know what to do. F*** u I guess. Anyway, I hope you like my blog of a radical's thoughts, because, i, a radical, represent 10000 radicals all over th...
June 15, 2004 by a radical
This is a freestyling thread, anyone that wants to ****ing freestyle come here and put your mics up to the challenge.

Unless you scared *iggas, so come on *itch lets do this mother****er!

Rules and Guidelines:

*please try to limit the amt of cussing, we dont want *children* reading (although it doesnt help they already know more swear and cuss words than i do)
*it doesnt matter if ur white and want to act black, this is after all, the Internet
*just dont make stupid freestyles ...
June 12, 2004 by a radical
Instead of the lying, conniving politicians of Washington DC, what cartoon character would YOU elect?


a) Mickey Mouse
Bugs Bunny
c) Homer Simpson
d) Stewie (from Family Guy)
e) submit your own choice
June 12, 2004 by a radical
Now each of the two major American political parties, Republicans and Democrats, has an honor roll and black list of its presidents, rating from good to bad. For example, the Republicans have an idol and a role model in Ronald Reagan, while utterly trying to forget Richard Nixon. The Democrats have JFK, and...Jimmy Carter. The fact is, both parties, conservative or liberal, have their loves, likes, and dislikes of presidents from their parties and this post was made for users to post who they f...